A Modern Approach to Envelope Renewal | The case of Harwood Manor

Building Envelope Maintenance Plan is the unique process that allows us, at New City, to apply our integrated thinking, hands-on experience, resources and manpower to safely clean and maintain your building.

It is evident that envelope major renewals are inevitable for longterm building assets and the incremental costs should pay for themselves over the life of the renewed assembly.

The Motivation

The motivation for each of the projects we have worked on is not always the same. Some of our clients want to lower their operating costs and reduce maintenance in the long term, others want to create a more comfortable living environment for them and their families and last but not least an envelope renewal can be very beneficial if as a landlord you wish to increase rent or the re-sale value of your property. 

Harwood Manor

Whatever the motive is, at New City we can always deliver the result you want. To provide you with more information on the way we operate we have created a case study on Harwood Manor, a 6-storey building in Vancouver, that has 22 residential units and was originally constructed in 1983.

We are very proud of the result and our process to work. To learn more about the project click at the button below for the dedicated case study page.

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