What are the Benefits of Deep Renovation?

Common Construction Risks

Deep renovation can have a positive impact in many different ways. It is the best way to create energy efficiency and lower your energy bills as well as to give you a sense of refreshment and boost your mood. In order to decide whether or not a deep renovation is necessary for your property you […]

A Modern Approach to Envelope Renewal | The case of Harwood Manor

Building Envelope Maintenance Plan is the unique process that allows us, at New City, to apply our integrated thinking, hands-on experience, resources and manpower to safely clean and maintain your building. It is evident that envelope major renewals are inevitable for longterm building assets and the incremental costs should pay for themselves over the life […]

The most common Construction Risks and how to manage effectively

Everyone who works in construction surely knows all the unforeseen challenges along the way and the several different risks that people in the industry might encounter. Construction risks are a reality not only when building a new property but also during renovations or an envelope renewal process. The good news is that all but unpredicted […]

Why sustainability is a must in envelope building maintenance?

Sustainability in the last decade has been a trending topic. And there is a good reason for that, with a little effort we can maintain the natural resources of this planet for longer. When you maintain a building, you are trying to give the tenants a more healthy environment to live or work in, reduce […]

The Responsibilities and Rewards of a Project Manager

As a project manager, you know the importance of the role and the responsibilities it entails. At New City, we see the Project Manager as a person that will work closely with the production team and stakeholders and that will manage to maintain an excellent relationship with subcontractors and clients.  We need people with ethos […]