Deep Renovation

New City is a trusted and leading  deep renovation expert in Vancouver and Toronto that has the comprehensive expertise and capabilities to transform buildings into energy-efficient properties.

New City helps build a strong, sustainable, and resilient future!

New City helps build a strong, sustainable, and resilient future!

Tenant Improvement

Our team has specialized talent in tenant improvement and related services. New City has worked closely with tenants, landlords, investors, and commercial real estate brokers to make sure that everything is delivered on budget and on spec.

Leak Investigation

Our professionals have comprehensive years of experience with leak investigation, identifying any issues with pipes or mains leading into your property or home. Our team can also identify leaks or reasons for dampness in roofs and brickwork, among others.

Environmental Services

New City has extensive experience in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos in residential properties, commercial buildings, and occupied buildings such as schools, institutions, and offices. We help ensure that your business or any other property is protected.


New City, we understand that the roof of your commercial building is critical to the overall strength of your building structure. We are a professional roofing and waterproofing contractor specializing in commercial and industrial buildings.


New City has up-to-date painting knowledge and expertise in commercial, high-end residential, and heritage buildings. We maintain a Preferred Applicator Status with top paint manufacturers, ensuring maximum life for your paint jobs.

Concrete Restoration

New City has the in-house expertise and equipment to offer innovative solutions and will complete the most challenging concrete deficiency and restoration work on time and on budget.

New City helps build a strong, sustainable, and resilient future!

There are many reasons why a building requires to be deeply renovated —  bolstering its sustainability; lessening its negative impact to the environment; and improving its economic potential for the property owners, to name a few.

New City understands the necessity and the prerequisites for a deep renovation. There is a huge potential for energy savings when renovating both the interior and exterior of your building, which ultimately translates into cost  savings, as less energy will be needed to maintain the same level of heat or sunlight into your property.

The recommended frequency of a deep renovation is 15 to 20 years. The average duration of home ownership in Canada is eight years. During this time, the same property will have two to three owners that will have used and sometimes abused the premises.

In recent years, deep renovation has become a requirement for the construction and building sectors to diminish their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and meet global energy reduction objectives. This has become one of the Global Building Performance Network’s (GBPN) main goals. Canada’s GHG emission reduction commitment is 30% below 2005 levels by 2030.

Before moving forward with deep renovation, you need to consider the costs of improvement in comparison with the return on investment (ROI). Your ROI depends on a lot of factors — whether it’s a deep renovation for the whole property, for instance, or just a part of it; or how modern the end result should be.

Today’s market shows that Canadians are very positive towards renovations, as an Angus Reid poll commissioned by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) noted that 48% of all Canadian homeowners planned to renovate in the next 12 months.

Here’s what you need to consider during deep renovation/retrofit:

  • Exteriors, e.g., cladding, wall assemblies, replacement of materials,  etc.
  • Regulations in place (which may differ for every area); industry best practices; and legal compliance
  • Safety precautions and measurements
  • New technologies available to perform deep renovation

New City is an expert in deep renovation contractors, utilizing the latest tools and technologies that will help improve the energy efficiency and lifespan of the building while also cutting the time and costs of the deep renovation or retrofit process. New City relies on its proactive partners and unique approach to project management, which combines innovative technologies and tried-and-true construction practices to deliver bespoke, quality, and sustainable solutions engineered to last.