Engineered Projects

We are trusted by various engineering companies to help them through the tendering process, and we are regularly invited to many types of tenders across the Lower Mainland.​

At New City, engineering tenders are a language we speak and understand.

At New City, engineering tenders are a language we speak and understand.

Tenant Improvement

Our team has specialized talent in tenant improvement and related services. New City has worked closely with tenants, landlords, investors, and commercial real estate brokers to make sure that everything is delivered on budget and on spec.

Leak Investigation

Our professionals have comprehensive years of experience with leak investigation, identifying any issues with pipes or mains leading into your property or home. Our team can also identify leaks or reasons for dampness in roofs and brickwork, among others.

Environmental Services

New City has extensive experience in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos in residential properties, commercial buildings, and occupied buildings such as schools, institutions, and offices. We help ensure that your business or any other property is protected.


New City, we understand that the roof of your commercial building is critical to the overall strength of your building structure. We are a professional roofing and waterproofing contractor specializing in commercial and industrial buildings.


New City has up-to-date painting knowledge and expertise in commercial, high-end residential, and heritage buildings. We maintain a Preferred Applicator Status with top paint manufacturers, ensuring maximum life for your paint jobs.

Concrete Restoration

New City has the in-house expertise and equipment to offer innovative solutions and will complete the most challenging concrete deficiency and restoration work on time and on budget.

New City delivers more than quality craftsmanship.

New City is up-to-date with the different building systems and the complexities of the newer systems, and we are experienced in dealing with buildings that have been stretched to the limits of their performance.

Using our well-developed  and hands-on processes, New City will engage in site planning and layout, cost estimating, planning and scheduling,  project management, material procurement, equipment selection, cost control, and quality management. Our organization, administration, and project coordination skills include: 

  • Labor and equipment
  • Materials sourcing and procurement
  • Supplies and utilities
  • Financing
  • Technology and processes

Project tendering is how almost all construction engineering jobs get awarded.  During our long history in construction engineering tenders, we have built  strong relationships with many building consultant engineers,. We are licensed by the Licensing and Consumer Services (Homeowner Protection Office), and are in good standing with WCB and BBB. New City Contracting also provides warranties, project bonding, and general liability insurance for all of our projects.