New City, experts in envelope renewal.

At New City, we are attentive to detail in conducting analysis, investigating, and recovering our client’s building envelope. This encompasses material types that enable us to effectively address all aspects of building enclosures. 

With experience in properties ranging from modern curtain walls with integrated sunshades and mid-century hybrid construction, to ornamental historic structures. We deliver what is promised. 

Step 1

We provide extensive services to assist clients with an envelope’s structural support, waterproofing elements, and components such as roofing, plazas, sidewalks, and windows. 

Step 2

By evaluating the causes of performance failures, we aim to develop solutions that meet the buildings’ needs as well as the client’s budget with the use of our historic approach, which includes solving energy code challenges and determining viable approaches to improving energy performance.

Step 3

Transparency and support are paramount, which is why in addition to our service, we assist owners in navigating the local agency review process and in developing phasing schemes to minimize impacts on building and site accessibility. 

Step 4

When our clients choose to use our envelope renewal, we ensure that it is designed as a waterproof and separate the interior of the building from the exterior conditions, which is important for maintaining the lifespan of a building, especially roofs with unsatisfactory moisture regime facilities.

Step 5

Proactive maintenance, early detection, and repair of minor water leaks will support our clients in achieving their building’s optimum lifespan. This way, we help our clients avoid spending an exorbitant amount on costly water damage. 

Step 6

A correct application of sealants is important for maintaining buildings waterproofing, especially in a moist environment, such as the Lower Mainland. This is why we only use high-quality line sealants, with the knowledge that we are fully updated on the application methods for all building sealant projects. 

In alignment with our services, we provide management of concrete vapor barriers, air barriers, cement waterproofing, and much more. 



Learn more about New City by downloading our company brochure. You will find out more about our mission, our services and projects and what makes us stand out.

Erik Lagerway, VP of Marketing

Erik Lagerway, VP of Marketing

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