New City has the in-house expertise and equipment to offer innovative solutions and will complete the most challenging concrete deficiency and restoration work on time and on budget.


New City Concrete Restoration services can solve concrete deterioration issues no matter how they are caused. Our restoration and deficiency service has specialized methods to repair concrete damage. Some of these specialized methods include: fast sealing mortars, acid resistant mortars, coatings and waterproofing.

Concrete is durable, but will not last forever. Many common events such as the expansion of corroding steel rebar, freezing of trapped water, leaching, and erosion by flowing water can cause serious damage to concrete. But it is possible to repair concrete that is showing signs of any damage by identifying the cause of the deterioration to repair and prevent further damage.

Underground parkades are a common source of concrete deterioration. These parkades are often underneath green space, walkways and gardens, which can lead to the parkade membrane starting to fail and requiring repairs. Water can seep into concrete and start to drip down into the parkade membrane, causing corrosion of reinforced steel beams and jeopardizing the structure of the parkade.