New City is the leading general contractor in Vancouver and Toronto that has the expertise to make your building energy efficient with our deep renovation services.


There are many reasons why a building requires to be deeply renovated frequently. Some of those reasons affect sustainability and the environment and others affect the economic potential for the property owners.

New City, Vancouver & Toronto general contractors, understand the necessity and the prerequisites for a deep renovation. It is evident that there is a huge potential for energy savings when renovating both the interior and exterior of your building which ultimately translates into cost minimisation, as less energy will be needed to maintain the same level of heat or sunlight into your property.

The recommended frequency of a deep renovation is 15 to 20 years, as the average duration of home ownership in Canada is 8 years and therefore in this time the same property will have 2- 3 owners that will have used and sometimes abused the premises.

In recent years, deep renovations have become a requirement for the building sector to diminish their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and meet global energy reduction objectives. This has become one of the Global Building Performance Network’s (GBPN) main goals. Canada’s GHG emission reduction commitment is 30% below 2005 levels by 2030.

Before moving forward with such a decision, one needs to consider the costs of improvement in comparison with the return on investment. Your ROI depends on a lot of factors, for instance, whether it is a deep renovation for the whole property or part of it and of course how modern the end result is. 

The market shows that Canadians are very positive towards renovations as an Angus Reid poll commissioned by CIBC mentioned that 48 percent of all Canadian homeowners planned to renovate in the next 12 months (Newswire, 2017) and with an average allocated spending of $11,800.

What to consider during an alteration/deep renovation:

  • The exteriors – cladding, the replacement of materials, wall assemblies;
  • The regulations in place – industry best practices and legal compliance
  • The safety precautions and measurements
  • The new technologies available

New City, Vancouver general contractors, have conducted several deep renovations over the years with rewarding results. You can visit our projects pages to discover our process to work.