Our expertise in investigation, analysis, and repair of your building’s envelope – for all material types and vintages – allows us to effectively address all aspects of building enclosures. We have experience with properties ranging from modern curtain walls and mid-century hybrid construction to ornamental historic structures.


New City is experienced in all aspects of building envelope renewal and has access to an integrated skill set with certified Project Managers through the Homeowner Protection Office. 

We are happy to help you with: 

  • An envelope’s structural supports
  • Waterproofing elements, and components such as windows, roofing, plazas and sidewalks.
  • The evaluation of root causes of performance failures and the development of solutions that meet the building’s needs and the client’s budget.
  • Tackling energy code challenges and effectively determining viable approaches to improving energy performance.
  • Navigating the local agency review process (for owners) and the development of phasing schemes to minimize impacts on building and site accessibility.

Your building’s envelope is designed to waterproof and separate the interior of the building from the exterior conditions and is key in maintaining your building’s lifespan. Proactive renewal and early detection and repair of minor water leaks will help achieve your building’s optimum lifespan and avoid spending millions on costly water damage. 

Proper selection and application of sealants are crucially important for maintaining a building’s waterproofing, especially in a moist environment like the Lower Mainland. New City Contracting only uses the top-of-the-line sealants and we are fully updated on application methods for all building sealant projects.

We custom design and implement complete waterproofing systems to protect your building’s envelope from water damage. Your building will be watertight with a range of professional waterproofing services from the inspection of minor water leaks to entire building envelope restoration projects.

Choose New City for expert management of:

  • concrete vapour barriers
  • concrete waterproofing
  • air barriers
  • damp proofing
  • cement waterproofing
  • roofing and roof moisture