Ensure your business, home or any other property is protected from asbestos, lead, and mould when you get remediation from New City.



Asbestos is a carcinogen and has various serious side effects that have been linked to mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer. Health issues arising from exposure to asbestos may not become apparent until 15 -30 years later. When asbestos is present it is regulated through abatement solutions that must be performed before any demolition or renovation project.

New City has extensive experience in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos in residential and commercial buildings, and occupied buildings such as schools, institutions and offices. We have the expertise to minimize interruption to your ongoing operations in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner.


Lead-based products have been internationally recognized as potential health hazards. Exposure to lead can cause serious harm, especially for children less than seven years of age. Lead is also a concern for construction and demolition workers, as well as painters and welders who may be exposed to lead-containing dust and vapors during renovation and demolition projects. 

We specialize in the safe containment and controlled removal of lead-based paint and other materials. Our team of professionals is skilled in the latest abatement techniques from containment and abrasive blasting to full scale chemical stripping of structures.


Visible mould often signifies a building-system’s problem, but it’s also a very good indicator that there could be mould concealed in hidden areas, such as under carpets, behind drywall or in ductwork.

New City ensures that all precautions are taken during the removal process, as exposure to mould may cause skin and eye irritation, nose and throat irritation and in some cases increased rates of respiratory disease and building-related asthma. Even dead mould spores pose as a health hazard so it’s essential that removal is both quick and thorough in either commercial or residential structures.With extensive experience in the safe removal of mould and access to the latest technologies, our management and field personnel are equipped with the necessary tools to ensure that the spread of mould spores is controlled.