We have vastly different climates in Canada, from one province to another, needs are very different.

In a climate such as the Lower Mainland, heavy rain, wind storms and temperature fluctuations are the norm. These harsh conditions can cause many roofs to deteriorate, leak or fail completely. Common problems that can occur due to poor quality or aging roofing in Vancouver include the lifting of shingles, blistering of tar and gravel roofing membranes or missing shingles and gravel on a roofing system. In Ontario, it's a completely different ballgame, where temperature drops below zero degrees during the winter are commonplace.


At New City, we understand that the roof of your commercial building is critical to the overall strength of your building structure. We are a professional roofing and waterproofing contractor specializing in commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential buildings. We are experienced in all types of roofing systems, roof repairs, roof replacements and roof leak investigations. 

We encourage our clients to have their roof inspected annually, or added to their Building Envelope Renewal Program (BEMP).

Let our trained roofing technicians inspect your roof to give you the answers you need. Our workers have years of experience and are skilled in using a variety of materials and the latest technology to make your building not only safe and protected, but also looking its best. As a fully licensed, bonded and insured company, you can trust us to quickly and professionally repair and maintain your buildings roofing system.