The most common Construction Risks and how to manage effectively

Everyone who works in construction surely knows all the unforeseen challenges along the way and the several different risks that people in the industry might encounter. Construction risks are a reality not only when building a new property but also during renovations or an envelope renewal process. The good news is that all but unpredicted weather and acts of God can be either managed and controlled or avoided in the first place.

What are the risks and how can you avoid them whether you are a project manager or a craftsman?

  • Labour Issues: One of the most important elements for success if not the most important is to find professionals that reflect your values and are highly skilled and trained. However, as reported by the Associated General Contractors of America – AGC, 80% of contractors report difficulties finding qualified craft workers. Experience has shown that this is a common problem worldwide and in Canada. If as a contractor you struggle to find good trades, you will end up having inexperienced people that will be lacking both in labor quality and productivity, and ultimately your project will be affected by delays.
  • Site Protection: A construction site is not the most friendly environment for workers. Unfortunately, they may breathe toxins like dust caused by stone masonry or asbestos. They also work from height that is very dangerous and they have to carry or lift heavy objects. The list of things that can cause injuries or illness to construction workers doesn’t end here and that is the reason why it is critical to keep them safe by getting in line with all mandatory safety protocols and run regular safety inspections. If an accident occurs the project will be delayed and over budget.
  • Paperwork- Legal compliance: From pre-construction, to construction and post-construction there are hundreds of documents that are required for the planning. Initially, you need to comply with the local authorities, then if all goes well and you have the authorisation and permits needed, you may face a change of orders. What does that mean exactly? In case of unpredicted circumstances, for instance, extreme weather conditions or a wrong estimation, you need to re-arrange all your planning. This translates into changing all the documentation and making sure everyone has been informed.

Best Practice to Stay Ahead within Schedule and Budget

Good communication is key no matter what your industry is, but especially because in construction there are multiple stakeholders involved, things tend to get a bit more complicated.

When you are in the planning stage it is highly recommended to discuss with all stakeholders and identify the hidden risks. This way you will be more prepared for what to expect.

Another factor to take into consideration is that we live in a multicultural world and on-site there might be some communication challenges, therefore you need to make sure that everyone understands what their role is and who to refer to if they encounter any problems.

Monitoring every step of the way can make all the difference. Make sure you run frequent checks, detection and prevention are less costly and time-consuming than cure or in this case managing a new plan.

If construction risks are not dealt with from the start and throughout the project, this could create a vicious circle of delays and cost overruns. Construction is a very complicated industry with multiple stakeholders involved such as governing bodies, contractors, trades, project managers, and more. It is important to detect risks from day one to have a project experience as smooth as possible.

Having people in your team that are using the latest technology and have the know-how and expertise can always be the first place to start. If you need a contractor in Vancouver or Toronto that you can rely on, contact New City.

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